Celebrating 38 Years: Proud of our past, passionate about our future.

In 1982, Network Reporting was started in a one-room office. We’ve certainly grown over the years, but our dream remains the same. Our goal is to be the best court reporting company both locally and through our extensive nationwide reporting network.

All of us are very proud to have reached the goal that we set out to achieve. That one-room office has grown to major metropolitan offices and court reporters who reside in counties throughout Michigan.

We employ a dedicated support staff who assist our reporters by scheduling, proofreading, binding, shipping, etc., the thousands of deposition and hearing transcripts we produce annually.

Every staff member works with pride and diligence that is second to none. The quality of our work is outstanding, and you can count on transcripts being delivered expeditiously. We have so much confidence in our work that we proudly advertise a 100% guarantee, no questions asked.

Why Choose Network Reporting?

  • Talk to a real person, 24/7
  • Your documents are always at your fingertips
  • Schedule by phone, fax, email, or web site
  • Deposition coverage anywhere in Michigan and throughout the Nation
  • You can count on Network Reporting for ALL your deposition needs
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