We recently asked our long-standing and much-valued clients of Network Reporting to provide some feedback, both as a means to improve our products and services and gauge just how well, or not so well, we handle our business matters. We were happy to hear the overwhelming responses. Take a look at what our customers had to say:

Angie Ross, Legal Assistant at Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge

I have been working in law offices for over 30 years, and Network has been and is basically the only company I contact. I know that I can contact Network to assist in taking care of any problems that might arise, infrequent as they might be… If I don’t get a call the day before a scheduled deposition, apparently they have not gotten the notice! It is nice to be able to count on such great service!

And now with the repository and depositions being maintained online, we have even quicker access to depositions. We can also destroy transcripts which take up space when closing files, which might seem trivial but when paying for storage space, it adds up.

Thanks to you and all the folks at Network- it certainly helps make my life easier in regard to depositions!

Petrucelli & Waara, P.C. of Indian River, Michigan

Due to the nature of our work, our firm schedules many depositions, and Network Reporting is the court reporting firm of our choice for depositions in Michigan. We are always impressed by the timeliness and professionalism of Network’s court reporters and have come to rely on the company’s fast, efficient, and accurate transcription and delivery of depositions.

Additionally, Network Reporting always strives to accommodate our requests for special services such as next day delivery, videotaping, and electronic transmittal of transcripts. Petrucelli & Waara, P.C., highly recommends this outstanding legal support services provider.

What our Clients say

“Whenever I need to take a deposition, I know Network Reporting will assist me in getting it done.”– Jehan Dadoush, The Sam Berstein Law Firm

“I’m most impressed with Network Reporting’s “can-do” attitude. They are truly a service oriented, dedicated company.”
– Joyce Benedict, Cunningham Dalman, Pc

“Network Reporting is responsive, reliable and accurate. Everything I need in a court reporter.”
– Todd Trucks, Jay Trucks and Associates

“I was impressed by Network’s pre-hearing organization and your ability to adapt and respond to the numerous technical challenges that arose during the hearing. I was impressed with your firm’s work and I remain confident in Network to handle any job – large or small.”
– Eric J. Eggan, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP