4 Ways Your Relationship With Network Reporting Can Save You Time & Money

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Trust and communication are two of the most important aspects of the legal world. Without trust in your court reporter and their supporting firm, deadline stresses can be compounded exponentially; without communication, excess frustration is inevitable. Whether you’re a new client or one that’s been with us awhile, below are just a few examples of how Network Reporting has created valuable, long-lasting relationships with clients all over the globe.

The discovery process is ever changing, and last-minute changes are inevitable. Whether you need to schedule a deposition or cancel one, you can contact Network 24/7. In addition, you can access your exhibits, transcripts, and other pertinent documents from our free, secure, online repository at any time.

When you call to schedule a deposition, let our excellent schedulers know if you also need a place to conduct your dep. Our team is unsurpassed when it comes to finding sites in the most obscure locations all over the state. If you’re not up for traveling, we can set you up with our convenient videoconferencing units. For a minimal fee, you can be a part of the deposition; observing the witness’ mannerisms, indications they may make towards exhibits, avoiding awkward interruptions by being able to visualize the room; using equipment shipped to your office that can be easily set up by our court reporters or an assistant.

When depositions occur that include multiple terms and names, the last thing you want to do on your break (or when you’re finally done) is stand there while your client confirms spellings for the court reporter. Whenever possible, Network will schedule the same court reporter for all depositions on your case. If deps are to occur in different areas of the state, or a reporter may not be able to cover all depositions, our reporters will send their confirmations to the next reporter, which will cut down the time spent at each subsequent dep. If opposing counsel also uses Network, or you’re able to convince them to, the process becomes twice as easy!

Creating a Standing Order with us ensures you get the exact order you want, every time, without having to tell us if you would like a hard copy or emailed file, your secretary’s preference, your email address, etc. Simply tell your court reporter your ideal method of delivery once and indicate that you would like that to be your Standing Order. Thereafter, you can be assured that the 100% satisfaction guaranteed transcript(s) you receive will be just what you need.

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