5 Useful Apps for Michigan Attorneys

By December 4, 2017 No Comments

Searching through the App Store or Google Play, the amount of apps offered can be overwhelming.  Everybody has their own favorites, but below are five free apps that are offered for both Apple and Android phones that attorneys and assistants may find helpful in their day to day lives.


Genius Scan is a PDF conversion app.  Simply open the app, take photos of what it is that you would like to convert, and Genius Scan will turn it into a PDF.  After that, the documents can be emailed, added to a Dropbox, printed, et cetera.


Waze can be described as a GPS+ app.  Like any directional app, Waze provides multiple route options with up-to-date traffic information.  Unlike other similar apps, it also allows users to report road hazards, police presence, and other alerts that assist drivers in driving safely.


Fastcase is a legal research app.  With both citation and key word searches, its database contains cases and statutes from all 50 states, and the federal government, to aid in your research.  By registering with the app, it is also possible to save favorites and customize the search history.


GR Park and ParkDetroit are metro parking apps.  GR Park provides a current assessment of parking availability at parking facilities in the downtown area.  ParkDetroit allows users to pay for meter and box parking remotely, as well as kindly sending an alert 10 minutes before time is set to expire.

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