LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION: We’ll Find You a Conference Room Anywhere!

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Let us help you find your next deposition location.

Under a time crunch to get your notices out, but need a location at which to hold your deposition or examination?

Perhaps your deponent lives in a tiny town you’ve never heard of, or in a big city you’ve never been to…

Maybe they are in another state, or even another country?

From Honolulu, Hawaii to Frankfurt, Germany to Marquette, Manton, or Macomb County, Michigan: Network Reporting can find you a location for your deposition practically anywhere.

We are experienced at finding locations to suit your needs.  Let us know if you need something handicapped accessible, within a certain distance of your deponent’s home or workplace, large enough to accommodate 25 attorneys, or with food or beverage service. We are also often able to provide extra information regarding accommodations, nearby recommended restaurants, driving directions, parking, etc.

Call us today to schedule a deposition and ask us to find a conference room for you. We’ll get back to you within an hour with a reservation and an address for your notice.

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