What I Love Most About Being a Court Reporter

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What’s to LOVE about being a court reporter? At Network Reporting, our reporters seriously LOVE their work. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we asked them to tell us why. Here’s what they had to say:

I LOVE that I get to meet new people all the time.
I LOVE that every day, without fail, I learn something new.
I LOVE the flexibility of my schedule.
I LOVE going to new places, businesses, offices, et cetera.
I LOVE the variety of our work- every day is different.
I LOVE my coworkers who help me out whenever I’m in need.
I LOVE getting to work with and for professionals.
I LOVE that my job is never, ever boring.
I LOVE the feeling of being valued.
I LOVE using and being able to offer to our clients the latest in technology.
I LOVE the way I’ve learned a little bit about so many different things.
I LOVE the travel, and that it has taken me to so many different places in Michigan. 
I LOVE getting to know so many great people, both those I work with, and those we work for.
I LOVE being that one person in the room who can be kind and helpful to everyone there.
I LOVE the family feeling of working for Network Reporting.

Our reporters are never without a sense of humor and a positive outlook. They even LOVE some of the unexpected aspects of their jobs:

I LOVE that sometimes I get to work from home in my PJs.
I even LOVE the winter driving challenges!

Whether in the field, the office, or at home, Network Reporting reporters are truly passionate about their work. One of our most veteran reporters summed it up this way:

I LOVE that, after 45-plus years, I still love this job!

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