BABY, ITS COLD OUTSIDE! Warm Up to the Idea of Mobile Video Conferencing

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Mobile Video Conferencing

Save time. Save money. Eliminate the stress of travel today!

Our mobile video conferencing enables you to depose your witness from the comfort of your own office, a service made for Michigan winters. No need to drive in icy conditions, lug papers and laptops out in the weather, book hotel rooms, buy expensive plane tickets, or miss out on family time.

Whether you are three offices, three blocks, or three time zones apart, experience the ease, convenience and cost savings of video conferencing with Network Reporting. Our state-of-the art mobile equipment allows you to remotely depose witnesses or communicate with clients without leaving the comfort of your office or conference room. Simply call our central office and we’ll make all the arrangements to come to you and the others you need to see and hear.

Consider the advantages:

• Resolve cases faster by deposing witnesses from anywhere at any time.
• Less expensive than other video conferencing options.
• Includes chat and desktop sharing functions.
• Encrypted 100% secure online transmission between locations.
• Save time, costs, and hassles of travel.
• High quality audio and video.
• Easy setup and all equipment supplied by Network Reporting.
• Portable, user friendly equipment delivered and monitored by Network’s IT department.
• Connect participants in multiple locations. Split screens allow for multiple parties to view one another.
• Maximize productivity by eliminating the hassles of traffic, airports, and weather.
• Affordable. Our video conferencing saves time and money when compared to the costs of face-to-face meetings. Zero travel expenses!

Discover mobile video conferencing with Network Reporting. But don’t go out- just call us for more information!

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