DEPS 101: Video vs. Videoconference Depositions

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When scheduling deps, we encounter a significant amount of (very understandable) confusion among our clients regarding the difference between video and videoconference depositions.

Here’s a quick lesson:

Video Deposition:
Most depositions are audio-recordings that are then transcribed. For a video a.k.a. videotaped deposition, there is video in addition to the audio recording. A videographer (professional video-camera operator) will be present at the deposition, videotaping the entire testimony, and a DVD will be produced for you in addition to the transcript. Some of our reporters serve as reporter and videographer at once, and sometimes we send a separate reporter and videographer to do the job. Just let us know you need a video deposition and we’ll take care of the details! Schedule any type of deposition online here.

Video depositions are often used to preserve testimony for and then viewing at trial, so witnesses’ demeanor can be observed and credibility and subtlety of meaning may be better assessed.

Videoconference Deposition:
Videoconferencing connects parties to see and hear one another during a deposition from different offices, cities, states, or even countries!

Videoconferencing is often used by attorneys wanting to avoid the hassle and expense of traveling in person.

It is somewhat similar to using Skype or Facetime to connect, except the program and set-up we use is much clearer and more reliable. Network Reporting’s videoconferencing services are also unique in that we do mobile videoconferencing. This means that neither you nor your deponent need travel even to a videoconferencing center. We send our very simple and easy-to-use equipment package to any location with high-speed internet. So, you can “attend” a deposition from your very own conference room or office. We even have attorneys who attend depositions from their own homes! Mobile videoconferencing is all about convenience and cost-savings. Read more about mobile videoconferencing here.

“I need a DVD to watch or to present at trial” = video deposition
“I don’t want to travel” = videoconference deposition

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Extra credit:
Some depositions may be both video and videoconferencing. You might tell us you need a video taken of your witness in Hawaii and a DVD produced in addition to the transcript (video deposition), but you also can’t travel in person to Hawaii and would like to attend remotely from your own office in Grand Rapids (videoconferencing.) This would be a video AND videoconference deposition.

Still confused?
Here at Network Reporting, we’re not hung up on lingo, we’re just passionate about providing you with the services you need. So, give us a call or visit our website. Let us know what you need, or if you aren’t sure, we’ll ask you all the questions we have to, to make sure we’ve got you covered!

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