William P. Buisch, Appointed V.P. and C.O.O., of Network Reporting Corporation

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William P. Buisch, Appointed V.P. and C.O.O., of Network Reporting Corporation

Regan O’Neill and William H. Buisch proudly announce the appointment of William P. Buisch as V.P. and C.O.O. of Network Reporting Corporation, Michigan’s largest statewide court reporting firm.  Network’s new Chief Operating Officer brings to the company a unique combination of educational and business qualifications.  Plus, he virtually grew up with Network Reporting.  Bill, now 44, is the oldest son of one of the co-founders and has clear memories of, “sitting at our dinner table over 30 years ago, listening to my Dad talk about how fast Network Reporting was growing.”  Young Bill continued saying, “I remember cleaning the bathrooms and emptying the trash in their first office on Beech St., in downtown Cadillac.”  Bill earned a BS Degree in Plastics Engineering from Ferris State University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.   He began his career in the field of plastics manufacturing and later worked as a Product Design Engineer in Detroit’s auto industry.  From 2006 to 2014, after a career in manufacturing, Bill successfully opened six Little Caesar’s franchises in Indianapolis.  Bill and his wife Paula then returned to their shared hometown of Cadillac with their three children, Billy, Kayla and Cooper. By hiring excellent managers and having long distance management skills, Bill is able to maintain the ownership of his restaurants.

From age 12, Bill has had a front row seat to watch Network’s evolution from a struggling mid-Michigan startup to what has now become one of Michigan’s most sophisticated and experienced freelance court reporting companies.  No longer bordered by the Great Lakes, Network Reporting can schedule a deposition, for any law firm anywhere in the world!  He saw Network become the first, and now the most experienced, in tele-video depositions, tele-video conferencing, and producing same-day trial transcripts.

Bill understands the principles and values that the company has embraced.   “I just can’t believe how excited I am today to be working with Network and its employees. I appreciate the chance I have been given to continue the legacy Regan and my dad started in 1982.    I know that they are both most proud of the fact that a great many of the people who helped to build Network Reporting are still with them.  Remarkably, the majority of turnover is due to retirement!  Not much can be wrong with a place that people don’t want to leave. They are equally as proud of the loyalty their clients have shown them throughout the years.” It hasn’t taken Bill very long to learn the importance of the relationship our court reporters develop with the attorneys and legal professionals we serve.  After 33 years, very few attorneys even know names of the owners.  They are very familiar, however, with the name, Network Reporting, and the names of our many individual reporters who live and work throughout the State. Bill is further convinced that attorneys know what they can expect from Network, its reporters, and the office staff.  “It is a wonderful reputation to have and I’ll do all I can to perpetuate the reason for those feelings among our clients.”

Bill’s managerial talents make him well qualified to continue to meet the very specific needs of Michigan’s legal community. “By anyone’s measure, Network Reporting is just an excellent company and I am committed to be there as a leader to move it forward into the future.”

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