Winter Driving Tips from Network Reporting Road Warriors

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winter driving

Network Reporting reporters live in every county of the state of Michigan. Even during the treacherous winter months, they travel to cover depositions, examinations, and hearings way up north in Escanaba, Iron River, Marquette, and Houghton-Hancock, as well as downstate in Metro Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and all the towns in between. As experts in winter driving, here are some of their tips:

Get your car ready!
Keep windows completely clear.
Check tire tread, battery, lights, wipers, & antifreeze.
Put no-freeze fluid in the washer reservoir.
Know how your brakes will react: stomp on antilock brakes,
pump on non-antilock brakes.

Be prepared for an emergency!
Stock your car with these cold-weather essentials: snow shovel, extra snow clothes, blankets, boots, hats and gloves, cell phone, flashlight, abrasive material (floor mats, kitty litter, sand, etc.), ice scraper, jumper cables, snacks and water.

Plan ahead!
Don’t be in a hurry- allow yourself extra time to get to your destination so you’ll be relaxed and able to drive safely and slowly. Leave more distance between vehicles in slippery conditions. Always assume that roads could be icy; beware of black ice.

Know your route!
Familiarize yourself with your planned route ahead of time, so you won’t be distracted looking at maps or directions while driving. Watch carefully for pedestrians in or alongside of the road.

Safety first!
Even if you are running late, no holiday party or business meeting is worth risking your life. Take a deep breath, drive slowly and mindfully, and get there safely!

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