Quiz: Are you a Workaholic?

Take the following quiz to see if you have a healthy relationship with your work life!

Its Friday at 4:55pm. The boss just asked me to stay and finish some work. I….
A) Wasn’t aware of the request because I had already skipped out early.
B) Politely decline, and offer to do it first thing Monday morning.
C) Wish I didn’t have to, but agree to stay for a couple more hours.
D) Was already planning on spending the whole evening at the office anyway!

I feel completely exhausted, I…
A) Take a nap in the break room.
B) Ask for a personal day next week, go to a spa, and rejuvenate.
C) Drink another cup of coffee and get back to work.
D) Order a case of RedBull online and get back to work.

Its 3am, and I wake up in a sweat thinking about…
A) All the slacking I’ve been doing lately.
B) (This never happens, I sleep like a baby!)
C) The files I didn’t finish yesterday.
D) The files I didn’t finish yesterday, and I get up to work on them since I can’t sleep anyway.

When I feel totally overwhelmed by my workload, I…
A) Hide some of my work in the “special filing cabinet” I keep under my desk.
B) Take a break, do some deep breathing, then ask my manager to help me prioritize.
C) Try to work faster or multitask to get it all done.
D) Don’t even notice, because I feel overwhelmed all the time!

Lunchtime for me is…
A) An expensive lunch on the company card for myself and friends- I’ll ask for permission later.
B) A leisurely and much needed siesta with nourishing food and socializing.
C) At my desk, scarfing down some leftovers while making phone calls.
D) Lunchtime? What lunchtime?

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is…
A) Turn the alarm off and go back to sleep.
B) My morning yoga routine, drink green tea, and make my green smoothie.
C) Check my work email on my phone to see what came in overnight.
D) Pick my head up off the desk- I slept at the office (again.)

If you answered mostly A: You are irresponsible and might be in danger of losing your job!
If you answered mostly B: You have a really healthy relationship with your work.
If you answered mostly C: You aren’t completely over the edge, but you may want to reevaluate your boundaries.
If you answered mostly D: You are a workaholic.

How did you score?
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