Our deposition repository is an online “storage bank” of your deposition files. Once set up, an attorney and/or staff members may access the account from wherever internet access is available. On the road, in the office, at home, from a courthouse, another state – files are at your fingertips as long as internet is available. Transcripts and exhibits can be downloaded as needed.

Q. How long are transcripts stored?

A. Any transcripts loaded into the repository are stored indefinitely. The online repository system is backed by an industry standard storage engine with redundant backups, so your transcripts are safe.

Q. Who has access to the repository?

A. Each user only has access to their own documents. Should there be a need to allow others access, one could share the username and password for their account to others who need access.

Q. What type of file format are the files saved in the repository?

A. The case exhibits are stored in PDF format, while the actual transcript is stored in both PDF and e-transcript file formats.

Q. Are case exhibits available for viewing and download?

A. Yes, all case exhibits are scanned, converted to PDF documents and stored in the repository under your account.

Q. Are the transcripts stored in the repository in color?

A. Yes, our transcript repository scans and stores documents in full color.