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Simply provide the company you are instructed to call with your deposition information and inform the scheduler that you prefer to have Network Reporting as your court reporter of choice. They will call Network Reporting and we will deliver the same quality service that you have come to expect and deserve over the past 30 years!

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Insurance Companies

Schedule with confidence, schedule with Network Reporting! Network Reporting is one of the selected court reporting firms providing deposition services for the following well-known insurance companies:

Fremont Insurance
Frankenmuth Insurance
Auto-Owners Insurance
Accident Fund

Contact Network Reporting directly or schedule a deposition online for your next insurance deposition. Each individual carrier has provided us with instructions. Network will cover your deposition, bill the insurance company as instructed and deliver service to you that is second to none.

Network Reporting expands its coverage through our network of partnerships with several other national court reporting firms. Ask for us if your client instructs you to schedule through one of these firms:

Esquire Deposition Services
Merrill Corporation
Hutchings Reportings

Everywhere you need us to be

From Ironwood to Iron Mountain… From Benton Harbor to Bay City … From Detroit to Drummond Island … and all points in between. Our vast network of reporting professionals expands well beyond Michigan, we now have representatives in every state in the union.

Room Scheduling

Your deposition locations are secured and confirmed by our experienced and knowledgeable schedulers. Let us arrange for a conference room whenever and wherever you need one.

On-line Repository

All of you transcripts are available from any computer 24/7. Our repository is Internet-based and 100% secure. More Information ยป