Get Mobile Transcript iPhone & iPad App

For the iPhone, iPod, and iPad

We have two Apple applications, one for the iPhone and one for the iPad. There are two options for downloading the app.
From your wireless device, tap on the App Store icon, search Mobile Transcript, then tap Install.
From your computer, click on either the iPhone App or iPad App buttons within this box. Click View in iTunes, click Free App, then log into your iTunes account when prompted. The app will be download directly into your iTunes account. After the app has downloaded, sync your wireless device with your computer.

Get Mobile Transcript Android App

For Android Phones & Devices

From your Android phone, download the app directly from the Android Market. Tap the Android Market icon, tap Apps, tap the search button, then type in Mobile Transcript.

Once the Mobile Transcript icon appears, tap on the icon, then tap the “Install Free” button.

For more information on the Mobile Transcript application for Android phones and devices, click on the “Get Android App” button below.

Google Play
Get Mobile Transcript BlackBerry App

For BlackBerry Devices

    1. Click the “Get App” button and save the downloaded zip file to your desktop.
    2. Open the zip file and drag the contents onto your desktop.
    3. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. If you don’t have the Desktop Manager installed, you can download it here.
    4. Connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable.
    5. To load the app on the phone, launch the Desktop Manager and click on Application Loader.
    6. Click on the Start button under Add / Remove Applications. This will display all the installed applications on your device.
    7. Click on the Browse button and find the “TranscriptReader.alx” from the downloaded zip file.
    8. Press Next and Finish, and the application will install on your device

Designed for Lawyers

  • Mobile Transcript files are not only optimized for your wireless device, but the files are interactive, with many user options within the app, such as highlighting testimony and exporting deposition summaries to associates, experts and legal assistants
  • The Mobile Transcript app was specifically designed for lawyers and automatically logs billable time in itemized detail of the transcripts reviewed, which the lawyer may later export out in Excel or PDF to a bookkeeper
  • The lawyer’s account also acts as an online transcript repository, which the lawyer may log in at any time, using a computer, in order to access billable time logs and copies of transcripts in PDF format

Mobile Application Security

  • Mobile Transcript files are uploaded and accessed through a 128-bit encryption process
  • Our servers employ bank-level SSL security protection
  • Lawyers access transcripts by logging into an app, requiring a username and password, which adds another layer of security for the protection of their confidential transcripts
  • Emailed PDF files reside on your wireless device, which is accessible to anyone who may pick up or use that device other than you