Q    What is Mobile Transcript?
A    Mobile Transcript is an interactive deposition or court transcript specifically optimized to be read and reviewed on the iPad, Phone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry and Android phones.



Q    How does Mobile Transcript benefit me?
A    Mobile Transcript’s new technology helps you to stay productive in your downtime, while commuting, traveling or at any time while out of the office. You will come to depend on having quick access to all of your transcripts on your mobile device. Quick access to transcripts offers you a bit of freedom, to work outside of the office and without having to spend time preparing, packing and carrying around copies of transcripts. It also eliminates the need for you to log on to the internet or your VPN network or search for emails with transcript attachments. All of your transcripts will be located in a uniform fashion within the app, under a Case List, itemized by deponent name or transcript title, and date.


Q    Why would I ever want to read an entire deposition transcript on a smartphone?
A    We can’t imagine our service will replace software transcript viewers for desktops and laptops, but Mobile Transcript does provide a product for lawyers looking for a mobile solution. At your fingertips, when you are away from the office, you can quickly access and review certain parts of testimony, and you don’t need to break open a laptop, search your inbox for transcripts, or log into your law firm network to do so. You don’t even need an Internet connection. Mobile Transcript is just a cool high-tech tool you can use to help increase your efficiency, and even improve your work flow, when you’re away from the office.


Q    Which smartphones or wireless mobile devices work with the app?
A    Our free app is available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry and the Android phones. Our app works best with touchscreen devices.


Q    How is a Mobile Transcript different than a court reporter just emailing a transcript to me?
A    Emailed text files and PDF files are not optimized for wireless devices. Mobile Transcript not only optimizes your transcripts to be read on a mobile device, but it is also an interactive app with many features. You may quickly highlight testimony with the tap of your finger and export those annotations to your associates or expert witnesses. The app also logs your billable time, which you may export to your bookkeeper at any time You now have immediate access to all transcripts, in all cases, with your wireless device. Whether it’s during meetings or attending more depositions, commuting or traveling, you will have immediate access to your transcripts without ever needing to access a desktop or laptop computer. (Please note the transcripts do not reside on your wireless device, and you must have reception to gain access to your transcripts. Our app does not currently work in Airplane Mode. We are working to improve this feature so you may access all of your transcripts, even while in Airplane Mode, and we will notify our users when this update is available.)


Q    How is this app different than those apps that optimize PDF files for a wireless device?
A    Mobile Transcript not only optimizes your transcripts to be read on a wireless device, but the Mobile Transcript app is interactive. Lawyers can highlight portions of important testimony with the tap of a finger and export and email those annotations, via deposition summary or PDF containing the yellow highlights, to an associate, expert witness or legal assistant. The app also logs the time you spend reviewing transcripts and itemizes your time by date, case, transcript and number of minutes, which you may export in Excel or PDF and e-mail to your bookkeeper at any time.


Q    How can I get a Mobile Transcript?
A    From your Apple wireless device, click on the App Store icon. Search “Mobile Transcript” and download the free app. (We have an iPhone app and an iPad app. Be sure to download the proper app for your device.) You may also download the app to your computer from iTunes, or download the BlackBerry app directly to your Desktop Device Manger.

Click here to visit our Get App page to find the app that’s right for your wireless device.

We offer three ways for you to receive transcripts into your account and use our app. You may sign up for the Free Lawyer account and ask your court reporter or law firm to upload transcripts to your account, or you may sign up for the Lawyer Pro or Law Firm account to upload your own transcripts. You will receive an email notification every time a new transcript has been uploaded to your account.

Click here to sign up for a free Mobile Transcript online account.


Q    What does a Mobile Transcript cost?
A    Our apps are free. You have three ways to receive uploaded transcripts into your account:

  • Sign up for the free Lawyer account and ask your court reporter or law firm to upload transcripts to your account. (Your court reporter may or may not charge you to upload transcripts to your account.)
  • Sign up for the $29 monthly Lawyer Pro account to upload up to 50 transcripts per month to one e-mail address.
  • Sign up for the $39 monthly Law Firm account so one of your administrators can upload up to 50 transcripts per month to you and the other associates at your law firm. The Law Firm account has the option to pay more to upload more transcripts.


Q    What are some of the features of the Mobile Transcript app?
A    This is one of the very few productivity apps created just for lawyers and offers the following interactive features:

  • Highlight important testimony in yellow, as if the lawyer was marking up a printed transcript with a yellow highlighter
  • Highlights may be exported and emailed, with the highlighted text itemized by page and line number, in spreadsheet format
  • Entire transcript may be exported and emailed in PDF format, containing the lawyer’s yellow highlights
  • Jump to next highlight
  • Keyword search
  • Go To Page # search
  • Automatic bookmark
  • Automatic billing timer, itemizing the lawyer’s review time in minute increments, listing case, transcript and date, accessible online 24-7
  • Billing log may be exported in Excel or PDF and emailed to another person at any time


Q   Is the app difficult to navigate?
A   Our app is extremely intuitive and user friendly. The app is fun to use, and you will enjoy having the freedom to access to all of your case transcripts from your wireless device. Your account also acts as a personal online transcript repository where you may access your transcripts in PDF. Our app works best with the touchscreen devices, such as the iPad, Phone, BlackBerry Torch and Bold, and the Android phones. With a touch of a finger, you may view your case list, review transcripts, highlight testimony, export your annotations to third parties, and log billable time.


Q    What is the billing timer?
A    When you click on a transcript, you are prompted to turn on the billing timer. Tap Yes if you want your review time for that session to be automatically logged. It’s very important that you click the back arrow key to exit the transcript to end a session, recording the end time, which is necessary to log the number of minutes for your review time. Just be sure to exit out of each transcript after every session to ensure your time is properly logged; otherwise, your review time may not be logged. Access your billing log by logging into your online Mobile Transcript account. You will not see your time log in the app itself. The billing log will itemize your review time in minute increments, listing the case, transcript, date, start time, end time, and total number of minutes.


Q    How do I highlight portions in the transcript?
A    Open a transcript and start highlighting all the lines you want, with the tap of your finger for touch-screen devices. Tap on the highlighted line again to remove the highlighting.


Q    How do I email the highlighted portions?
A    Once you have finished highlighting, click Menu, then choose from several different emailing options.


Q    Why are there spacing problems at times within a Mobile Transcript?
A    You may see what appear to be spacing problems from time to time within a Mobile Transcript file. This is normal. The integrity of the transcript text has not been altered from the original transcript produced by the court reporter. Court reporters from around the world have different standards for the size of the transcripts they produce, and since our software must optimize the size of each and every one of those files and for various wireless devices, sometimes the spacing looks a little funny in some transcripts (especially the caption and index pages). Rest assured, the page and line numbers will still match up perfectly once you start highlighting testimony and emailing those selections to your expert witnesses, paralegals and associates for review.


Q    How do I know when a transcript has been uploaded to my account?
A    You will receive an email notification when a reporter or your law firm has uploaded a new transcript to your account. This email notification lists the case, transcript title, date reported, and entity who uploaded the transcript.


Q    How secure is the Mobile Transcript website?
A    Court reporters uploading transcripts to lawyer accounts via the Mobile Transcript website is far safer than emailing transcripts, even more secure than emailing transcripts with password protection. Mobile Transcript employs bank-level SSL security protection and takes the following IT measures to ensure the security of your transcripts:

  • Monitoring Server Access: Servers are physically secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Servers require bio-retinal scan authorization for access. Server activity is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. OS patching and maintenance are done only by certified professionals.
  • Cisco PIX 501 Firewall: Fully managed CiscoDedicated Firewall Port Blocking, packet inspection, and VPN SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Each file transmission is facilitated with 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • Other Security Features: Actively Managed Anti-Virus Intrusion Detection System. Password protection for mobile devices.


Q    Can a reporter email to me a Mobile Transcript file?
A    No, a Mobile Transcript file cannot be emailed. Reporters upload transcripts to your account via our website. Our website optimizes that file for your mobile device, and the file is saved to your app account. You then immediately receive an email notification that a new transcript has been uploaded to your account. Simply log into the app from a wireless device to access to the transcript. Using the interactive features of the app, you can now begin to review the transcript, making annotations, and emailing those annotations, or deposition summaries, to associates, expert witnesses and legal assistants. Your time can also be logged, and may be accessed online, for billing purposes.


Q    Can I get Mobile Transcript files for previous depositions I’ve ordered?
A    Yes. Simply ask any court reporter to upload the transcript to your account from their Mobile Transcript account or upload them yourself using an ASCII file in Amicus or Summation format. This is a common type of file produced by court reporters. If you have an eTranscript file of the file you wish to upload, you can quickly export the proper type of ASCII file required during the upload process.


Q    How do I create an ASCII file from an eTranscript file?
A    Open the eTranscript file and follow these instructions:

  • Click File / Save As / Transcript / ASCII
  • Under “Save as Type,” choose .txt
  • Under “Transcript style,” choose either Amicus or Summation
  • Click Save
  • Upload this file to your Mobile Transcript account


Q    How long will a Mobile Transcript stay in my app account?
A    Transcripts will stay in your app account until you delete them, but we suggest you delete them after your case is over, to avoid taking up unnecessary space in your app account.


Q    Can I manage my account online?
A    Yes. There are many ways for you to organize and manage your account from your computer. Log into your online account by visiting www.mobiletranscript.com and clicking Login. Enter the same login credentials as you created during the sign-up process.


Q    How do I reset my password?
A    Log into your online account by visiting www.mobiletranscript.com and clicking Login, then click Reset Password. You will receive an email notification to reset your password.


Q    What happens if I tap on a transcript and it kicks me out of the app?
A    This is a common experience if the file uploaded to your account was not in the proper Amicus or Summation ASCII file format. This does not mean the file is corrupt in any way, just that the file needs to be uploaded again in the proper format.