Under normal operating circumstances, you will receive your transcript within ten business days of the deposition date. Do you frequently have rush jobs? Pressed for time in an important case? Need your transcripts sooner than ten business days? Just let us know and we will get you your transcript when you need it!

SameDay TranscriptsTM

SameDay TranscriptsTM Service is for those situations when you need a near immediate access to the day’s testimony. There’s a case in your future that will require this service.

Contact us to learn more about how Network Reporting can be of service to you and your colleagues.


Here’s how it works:

  • Throughout each day the recorded testimony is sent to one of our highly qualified, detail-oriented transcriptionists via the Internet.
  • Utilizing advanced digital technology, our draft transcript is returned within hours after the deposition.
  • Every day, for weeks – even months – at a time, you can rely on Network Reporitng and its SameDay TranspriptsTM Service. We will remain steadfast in our commitment to provide you with up-to-date documentation, critical to your success.

With Network Reporting you can always count on:

  • Professional and experienced court reporters
  • Top-notch technical and support personal
  • 24-hour access to our 100% secure Internet-based Repository for your transcripts and exhibits
  • Digital photography of the deposed
  • Room scheduling throughout the State of Michigan
  • Scheduling by phone, fax, email or on our web site
  • Confirmation calls prior to deposition