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Other Deposition Scheduling Options

We offer many ways to schedule your deposition with us. Choose whichever is most convenient for you. No matter how you schedule, we will call you the day before each deposition to verify date, time, and location.


Fax your deposition notice to 800.968.8653. You will be on our schedule after we’ve received your fax. We will confirm the day before of scheduled depo date.


Attach your deposition notice, and other related information, send to depos[at] We will confirm receipt promptly.


Call us toll-free at 800.632.2720, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Network Reporting is one of the selected court reporting firms for the following Michigan based insurance companies: AccidentFund, Frankenmuth Insurance, Auto-Owners, Fremont Insurance

Call Network Reporting directly for any and all of these depositions. Each individual carrier has provided us with instructions. Network will cover your deposition, bill the insurance company as instructed and deliver service to you that is second to none.

Simply provide the company you are instructed to call with your deposition information and inform the scheduler that you prefer to have Network Reporting as your court reporter of choice. They will call Network and we will deliver the same quality service that you have come to expect and deserve over the past 30 years!

Network also partners with the following National Court Reporting firms. Ask for us if your client instructs you to schedule through one of these firms: Esquire, Merrill Corporation, Hutchings Reporting , and Veritext