Bridging Communication Gaps via Videoconferencing

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Understanding that travel is necessary in the legal world, we all want to optimize our free time by spending less of it on the road. The question is are telephone deps the best solution? Network Reporting’s answer: No, but let us help you find it.

Consider our easy to use and cost-efficient videoconferencing units. When choosing this option, a videoconferencing unit is shipped to you or your appearing court reporter ahead of your scheduled deposition. The shipping and handling fee is minimal, ranging from $25 to $35. Consider the enhanced communications you will be able to experience during a videoconference deposition. Aside from being able to see the witness with your own eyes, taking in their demeanor and body language, videoconferencing also allows you to view exhibits and any indications the witness may make toward them. In addition, vocalized pauses and generalized silence will be made apparent, reducing confusion, interruptions that lead to difficult to read transcripts, and general stress associated with whether or not the call may or may not have been lost.

Videoconferencing may not be the answer to every issue that arises, such as last-minute schedule changes. However, when a little planning time is available, videoconferencing can be a game-changing addition to provide efficiency and clarity. Units are easy to set up and can be used with inter-office laptops, when available, or with the Network-provided computer in each box. Once the deposition is concluded, simply place the included pre-paid shipping label on the box and send it back to us.

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